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I started with single actions as a teenager in the 1950's and I never, absolutely never, carry a single action as a sixgun, but always as a five-gun. The hammer is always down on an empty. In 1973, Ruger changed their single action design to incorporate a transfer bar safety that allows Rugers marked "New Model" to be carried safely with six.
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It should be stated here that carrying in the single action position, or with the hammer locked back, is generally not a good idea because the chances for negligence are increased. Concealability: Most of the revolvers designed for concealed carry, like the S&W J-Frames, Charter Arms, the Kimber K6, etc., are all very easily concealed on the human body.

Open Carry Holsters; Outside The Waistband; Inside the Waistband; Open Top Multi-Fit Belt Holster with Mag Pouch; ... For Revolvers, Micro and Full Frame Firearms . Buy Here. Top Sellers. Ultra Custom Concealment Holster $ 99.99. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Select Options. Snagmag Concealed Magazine Holster $ 21.99. Rated 4.70 out of 5.
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  • The best Ruger concealed carry revolvers come down to four distinct models. The LCR, their DAO modern CCW revolver, is an excellent 21st century snubby. Five shots of .38 Special (though .327 Federal Magnum, 9mm and .357 Magnum are available as well) and fixed sights, though the front blade can be swapped out for a different type if you want.
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  • A single-action-only trigger and full-size sights make the P938 feel like a larger handgun with very manageable recoil. Because of its small micro-compact stature, the P938 has many great holster ...
  • concealed carry holsters for single action revolvers
  • The Revolver. Revolvers have a cylinder with multiple chambers. Each chamber holds a round of ammunition holds a round of ammunition. Most models hold 5 or 6 rounds. Pulling the trigger rotates the cylinder and aligns the loaded chamber with the barrel and the gun then fires. A revolver is a very simple machine; therefore there is little that ...